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midsagittal Z - voiced alveolar fricative
midsagittal Z - voiced alve...
5 kb 
midsagittal Y - voiced palatal approximant
midsagittal Y - voiced pala...
6 kb 
midsagittal W - voiced bilabial approximant
midsagittal W - voiced bila...
6 kb 
midsagittal V - voiced labiodental fricative
midsagittal V - voiced labi...
6 kb 
midsagittal THETA - voiceless interdental fricative
midsagittal THETA - voicele...
4 kb 
midsagittal T - voiceless alveolar plosive
midsagittal T - voiceless a...
4 kb 
midsagittal SH - voiceless palato-alveolar fricative
midsagittal SH - voiceless ...
4 kb 
midsagittal S - voiceless alveolar fricative
midsagittal S - voiceless a...
4 kb 
midsagittal R - voiced retroflex approximant
midsagittal R - voiced retr...
6 kb 
midsagittal P - voiceless bilabial plosive
midsagittal P - voiceless b...
4 kb 
midsagittal NG - voiced velar nasal
midsagittal NG - voiced vel...
6 kb 
midsagittal N - voiced alveolar nasal
midsagittal N - voiced alve...
5 kb 
midsagittal M - voiced bilabial nasal
midsagittal M - voiced bila...
5 kb 
midsagittal L - voiced alveolar lateral approximant
midsagittal L - voiced alve...
5 kb 
midsagittal K - voiceless velar plosive
midsagittal K - voiceless v...
5 kb 
midsagittal J - voiced postalveolar affricate
midsagittal J - voiced post...
6 kb 
midsagittal H - voiceless glottal fricative
midsagittal H - voiceless g...
4 kb 
midsagittal G - voiced velar plosive
midsagittal G - voiced vela...
6 kb 
midsagittal F - voiceless labiodental fricative
midsagittal F - voiceless l...
4 kb 
midsagittal ETH - voiced interdental fricative
midsagittal ETH - voiced in...
5 kb 
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